What does "Submit for publish" mean?

When you are ready to publish your space on VenueNow, click "Submit for publish" and the VenueNow team will manually review your space.

Once you are ready to publish your space on VenueNow (ie. make your space page live and visible to customers) you first need to "Submit for publish".

In order to be ready to publish your space, we recommend that your space score be at least 75% and ideally as close to 100% as possible. To review how to increase your space score, please read this article. We also recommend that you preview your space (ie. click "Preview in a new tab" to see how customers will view your space page.

Venue Manager Spaces Page Preview in a New Tab

Once you have submitted your space to be published, the status of your space will changed to "Submitted for publish" . The VenueNow team will then receive a notification to review your space (usually within 1 business day).

As a general guide, the factors that go into the review are similar to the factors that make up the space score, such as:

  • Number of images and image quality
  • Space title and description quality
  • Pricing & Availability
  • Amenities & Extras, and
  • Menus & Packages

The VenueNow team may reach out to you with recommendations on how you can improve your listing in order to receive the most enquiries and bookings.

How do you "Submit for publish"?

There are two ways in which you can submit your space to be published:

1. Click the "Submit for publish"  button in the Venue Manager > Spaces page for the relevant space

Venue Manager Spaces Page Submit for Publish

2. As you are adding a new space, once you have entered all of the required information you will be prompted to submit your space to be reviewed at the
"Review & Publish" stage.

VenueNow Add New Space Submit for Review