What is the Space Score?

Appear higher in the search results and receive more enquiries & bookings with a higher space score.

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What is the Space Score?

The space score is the percentage ring that appears in the "Completed" column next to each of the spaces on your profile. The space score is an indicator of how complete your space is.

In order to increase your space score, ensure you edit your space and enter all of the required information.

It is advised that you aim for 100%, although a score >75% is a "pass".

Click here to see all of the information you need to add.

Why is the space score important?

  1. Spaces with a higher space score appear higher in the search results
    • This means that you'll receive more views on your space page
  2. You'll receive more enquiries and bookings
    • Since your space has more and higher quality information, customers are able to quickly find and compare the features in your space that they're looking for such as:
      • Photos
      • Pricing & Availability
      • Amenities & Extras
      • Menus & Packages
      • Rich descriptions
    • Spaces with all of this information typically have a much higher conversion rate from space page view to enquiry and online booking

What do the colours represent?

  • Green means your score is greater than or equal to 75%
    • 75% represents a "pass" and the additional factors that add up to 100% will help you appear higher in search results and convert more enquiries and bookings
  • Yellow means your score is between 50 and 75%
    • Your space is close to passing but there is still some more information to add
  • Red means your score is less than 50%
    • Your space is missing some vital information to publish your space

What are the factors that make up the space score?

Feature Requirement Score
Space Type One or more selected 5%
Activity Type 5 or more selected 10%
Room Layouts & Capacity One or more layout and capacity added 5%
Space Title 20-60 characters 5%
How do you find this space Text added to the field 5%
Onsite Contact Details All fields filled in including:
- Name
- Phone
- Email
- Job Title
Amenities & Extras 3 or more selected 5%
Opening Hours Added 5%
Pricing & Availability Pricing added for one or more time period 10%
Space Description 200-600 characters 10%
Photos 3 photos 10%
Sub total   75%
COVID Checklist All boxes checked 5%
Menus & Packages One or more menu or package added 5%
Show Pricing Yes (ie. pricing public to customers) 5%
Photos 4 or more photos 5%
Calendar Linked Yes 2.5%
Instant Booking Yes 2.5%
Sub total   25%