What do I add to my Space Description and Photos?

The description field is your opportunity to include characteristics of the space, including its capacity, the kinds of activities that can be held there, the types of amenities available and so forth. Be sure to sell why your space is unique and is worth enquiring or booking!

Customers that visit VenueNow are highly influenced by the visual appeal of any space.

Your images will need to sell the event dream to the customer and give them a clear idea of what hosting an event at the space will feel like.

Great photos can have a significant impact on your performance so it is worth taking the time to curate high-resolution images.

If you're operating an event space, we recommend trying to include a mix of images that display what the space looks like. This can include:

  • Photos of the Space when it is empty
  • Photos of the Space when it is full of customers
  • Photos of the space with event styling
  • Photos of the space without event styling.

Having an assortment of these images will very easy for enquiring customer to visualise their event in your space and can go a long way to helping you get more leads.

If you'd like to find out more about how to add photos to your listing, click here.