What do I include in the "About your space" section?

The "About your space" section of our listing flow is your opportunity to define what kind of space you have and give your customers a strong overview on what kind of activities can be held at your space.

Once you enter the space listing process and have selected the venue the space is from, you will be asked to choose what type of space it is. Please select between Meeting Space, Desk Space and Event Space.

Once that's completed, navigate downwards and you will have the opportunity to select the activities that can be held in your space.

It is recommended that you select a number of activities that are appropriate for your space so you can provide your customers a good idea on the events they can host at your space.

You will then be asked to select the room layouts that are feasible for your space. Be sure to click on the relevant icons and input the number of people that your space can fit using that particular set up.

The VenueNow team is conscious of the COVID-19 situation and we want to make our customers' and venue partners' safety our highest priority. As part of that, we ensure that all our spaces are following the correct sanitation and hygiene practices at their venue. 

You will have to read through the checklist and confirm which practices you are following to ensure your customers' safety.

Once that's completed, you will then be asked to include basic information for your space. Be sure to add a title for your space that best describes it and gives your customers an idea for what they could be booking or enquiring for. A good example would be "Vibrant meeting room with natural light in the Sydney CBD". 

You can then add directions for the following field. Consider the easiest way for customers to reach your space from the venue entrance.

Finally, simply input the details of your space's onsite contact. Please include their Name, Phone Number, Email and Job Title.

Simply click next section when you're done.

If you'd like some more information on how best to approach the Amenities & Extras section, please click here to read more.