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Can I have multiple users managing my spaces?

Yes, you can add multiple team members with different permissions for each venue.

We know that each venue might have multiple spaces so we've made it easy for you to allocate who's managing which space.

From any page, you can click onto your profile and select Company Settings. From there, click onto Team and you can add users accordingly.

To learn more about how to add or remove team members, read this article.

We have multiple user roles you can select, including:

Company administrator - has access and permission to view and edit everything in the dashboard.

Location administrator - can view, approve and decline bookings and edit workspaces in one or more selected locations. However, location administrators cannot edit locations or payment details.

Location manager - can  view, approve and decline bookings in one or more selected locations. However, location managers cannot edit workspaces, locations or payment details.

We recommend you have at least one point of contact for each venue to manage incoming enquiries and to ensure highest possible conversions on the platform.