Why is VenueNow better than competitors or alternatives?

VenueNow has been designed from the ground up to provide venues with high quality, affordable leads from customers who are interested in booking your space. We have conducted extensive research and development to solve our Venue Partner's key pain points and cater to their needs, primarily focusing on lead quality, lead cost and providing venues with exposure to receive more leads.

This is in contrast to our competitors who tend to deliver the following experience:

  • High volume of low quality leads (unqualified & can't contact = waste of time and money)
  • +10% commission on sale (expensive channel to acquire business)
  • On-platform communication with leads

Why VenueNow is Better

Verification & Customer Communication
Each customer on VenueNow undergoes email and phone verification during the enquiry process. Once you accept an enquiry, we provide you with these details for you to contact the customer directly via phone call or email.

If you are unable to contact the customer, please email or call the VenueNow team and they will reach out to the customer. 

During the enquiry process, we ask the customer for all of the information you need to make a decision on whether it is an enquiry you want to take on, including: budget, date and time (flexible or not), decision timeframe, number of people, room layout, activity/event type and required amenities/extras.

Regarding budget, we have built a number of mechanisms, leveraging historic data from hundreds of thousands of enquiries as well as your space's pricing to guide the customer to submit an appropriate budget. This means you will only receive enquiries that meet your criteria.


VenueNow provides venues with more exposure to their target audience through a number of marketing channels including:

  • On-Platform Search
  • Space & Venue Pages
  • Target Email Marketing & Space Recommendations
  • Featured Spaces (PRO venues)
  • Boosted Search Ranking (PRO venues)
  • Paid Advertising (PRO venues)

When a customer is searching VenueNow, they'll find your space because it meets their specific criteria and once they view your space page they'll have all of the information they need to understand if your space is one they're interested in booking.