What happens when I make an enquiry?

Once you make an enquiry, the details of your event will immediately be sent to the venue you've sent it to. They will then review it and choose whether to accept the enquiry and whether the space you have enquired for is suitable for the event you're looking host.

If the venue accepts, they'll be sent your contact details and will be in touch shortly to arrange a booking and clarify any further details with you.

If the venue declines, chances are the space you have enquired for is not suitable for the event you're looking to host. This could be due to a range of reasons, whether it be availability, budget or the particular activity type. If this happens, you will be prompted to choose another space to place your enquiry or booking. Don't worry, we'll send through some of our recommendations to make your search even easier!

Please note: We understand that it's important that the venue gets back to you quickly. If the enquiry you've sent through is not responded to within 72 hours, we will automatically cancel the enquiry and send you a list of other recommended spaces that could be more suitable for your event.