What are your payment options?

Unlock Credits

When you receive an enquiry on VenueNow you will be able to review information such as the customer's budget, event date and time, number of people, layout, activity/event type, required extras and the customer's first name.

In order to view the customer's contact details you will need to unlock the enquiry. It costs $50 to unlock an enquiry. If you do not unlock the enquiry you will not be charged.

The following payment options are available to unlock enquiries on VenueNow:

1. Connect a card to pay for unlocked enquiries as you go

Simply connect a credit or debit card to your account and you'll be charged $50 each time you unlock an enquiry. Click here to read our guide of how to connect a card to your account.

2. Pre-pay for unlock credits

If you do not have access to a credit or debit card to connect to your account, you have the option to pre-pay for unlock credits (minimum of $200 purchase). In order to process this payment, please reach out to the VenueNow team and we will provide you with an invoice and payment options.

Once the payment has been received, the credit will be applied to your account, enabling you to unlock enquiries.

Example: $1,000 credit = 10 unlocked enquiries

3. Direct debit monthly payments

Direct debit monthly payment requires qualification by the VenueNow team and agreement to VenueNow's Direct Debit terms. If you qualify, VenueNow will monitor the unlock credits you have used on a monthly basis and direct debit your connected bank account at the end of each monthly period.

Example: You have unlocked 10 enquiries in a month. VenueNow will direct debit your account for $1,000.

PRO Plan Payments

If you choose to upgrade your VenueNow account to a PRO plan there are a number of payment options available to you:

a) Annual payment up front

Pay for your PRO plan for a 12 month period up front. The VenueNow team will send you an invoice for payment via card or bank transfer.

b) Monthly payments
You have the option to pay on a monthly basis for your PRO plan via credit/debit card or direct debit payments. The payment will be processed at the start of the monthly billing period.

PRO Venues on monthly payment plan must agree to VenueNow's terms and commit to a minimum 12 month subscription to the VenueNow platform.