What is an enquiry?

An enquiry is essentially a customer's expression of interest to host an event at a venue's space. An enquiry will include details such as number of attendees, the activity type, the space selected, the budget and more.

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It costs $50 if you choose to unlock an enquiry and view the customer's contact details. VenueNow does not take any further sales commission if you win the sale.

If you reject the enquiry it does not cost you anything. If you do not respond to an enquiry within 72 hours it will be automatically rejected.

If you are unable to contact the customer, please email or call the VenueNow team and they will reach out to the customer. If neither party is able to connect with the customer, $50 credit will be applied to your account.

Note: we take into account how responsive you are to your customers' enquiries. The faster you accept or decline incoming enquiries, the higher you will appear in our search rankings.